Serving Korean-Americans since 1975

Our mission is to assist and empower Korean American individuals, families, and the greater immigrant community. This mission is achieved through the promotion of projects and programs that provide culturally and professionally competent human services to unserved and underserved Korean Americans. We believe that healthier individuals and communities results from a combination of outreach, treatment, and prevention efforts.


Public Health

Korean Community Services believes that healthier individuals are integral to healthier communities. We currently provide comprehensive integrated care through primary care, navigation, prevention and awareness programs to underserved Korean Americans.


Mental Health

Korean Community Services is committed to ending disparity in behavioral healthcare for Korean Americans and strives to foster the growth of mental health and substance abuse services that are culturally and linguistically sensitive, for the Asian Pacific communities of Orange County.

Counseling & Education

Korean Community Services' licensed counselors provide individual, family and group counseling in appropriate therapeutic modalities. Education programs include training, internships and other professional development programs for clinicians and paraprofessionals.



Korean Community Services provides diverse programs and resources aimed at improving the quality of life for Koreans within the community. Programs that serve community members across the lifespan include legal, vocational, community wellness and supportive social service programs