Korean Community Services offers a variety of outpatient counseling services to the Korean community. We currently provide:

  • Individual, Family & Group Counseling
  • Student Counseling (school referral)
  • Court Mandated Alcohol/Drug Counseling
  • Personality Test (MBTI)
  • Art Therapy
  • Drug Medi-Cal Counseling

Learn More about Drug Medi-Cal Counseling

All services are provided by licensed counselors who are highly qualified and well trained in respective fields. Counseling fees are determined on a sliding scale.


Internships & Training - Students of Social Work, Counseling, or other related fields gain exposure to the needs of the Korean community while garnering practical experience in community development, and culturally competent social and mental health services through KCS internship programs.

Continuing Education - As a licensed continuing education institution, KCS provides professionals in counseling, social work, and others, with training in many different fields, including those required by the county. Depending on the program, individuals may receive certificates of completion once the program is complete.